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Staff responsibilities

Male staff

Roll Call-Home Room are responsible for

  • Accurately marking the roll each morning on Sentral (Monday, Tuesday and Friday is marked in attendance. Wednesday and Thursday is marked in PxP).
  • Encouraging students to bring in notes for absence to the Head Teacher Administrations.
  • Monitor student uniform. If a student is out of uniform, send them to the head teacher who monitors that area who will issue them with a pink uniform slip. If the head teacher is unavailable, send them to the deputy principal of the corresponding year group.

Classroom Teachers are responsible for

  • Accurately recording attendance at the start of every lesson.
  • Recording the time of absence of late arrivals and early departures on Sentral.
  • Recording behaviour and or wellbeing concerns such as; Chronic non-attendance, fractional truancy and persistent lateness to class on Sentral. Notify Faculty Head Teacher, Year Advisor and/or Head Teacher Wellbeing.

In the case of truancy

1st Truancy - Teacher issues a consequence such as a lunch detention and enters the truancy on Sentral.

2nd Truancy - Refer to Head Teacher for a consequence such as an afternoon detention. Record the truancy on Sentral and contact parents.

3rd Truancy - Repeat 2nd Truancy process.

4th Truancy - Refer to the Deputy Principal.

Sport Teachers are responsible for

  • Accurately recording attendance at the start and end of every session.
  • Submit sport rolls on Thursday morning at the latest.

Head Teacher KLAs are responsible for

  • Providing an opportunity for teachers to refer students with poor attendance patterns in their classes.
  • Check Sentral to follow up on attendance concerns referred by teachers in faculty.
  • Ensuring the N-Award procedure is followed.
  • Making parent contact if necessary to discuss impact on student learning.
  • Refer persistent lateness to Deputy Principal for the year group. 

Year Advisors are responsible for

  • Monitor student attendance as referred to by the Head Teacher Administration.
  • Contact parents of students with attendance below 75% twice a term to discuss absenteeism. Document this contact on Sentral.
  • Notify the school of issues that may affect their attendance. If there are serious wellbeing concerns, notify the Head Teacher Wellbeing.
  • Discuss student attendance and follow up at the wellbeing meeting.
  • Document all attempts or strategies put in place to assist students with attendance issues.

Head Teacher Wellbeing is responsible for

  • Liaising with Year Advisers, Head Teacher KLAs, Head Teacher Administration and Deputy Principal Wellbeing.
  • Providing guidance to Year Advisors regarding students of concern.
  • Attending parent meetings when necessary.

Head Teacher Administration is responsible for

  • Liaising with Year Advisers, Head Teacher KLAs, Head Teacher Wellbeing and Deputy Principal Wellbeing. 
  • Regular attendance checks.
  • Fortnight HSLO meetings.
  • Notify Year Advisers of students who are under 75% attendance.
  • Notify parents of attendance issues.
  • Implementing strategies to improve whole school attendance rates.
  • Processing and approving early leavers.
  • The collection of absent notes and entry into Sentral.
  • The collection of extended leave forms and entry into Sentral.

School Administration Staff are responsible for

  • Signing students in who arrive late at school.
  • Printing out updated Home Room rolls and placing them in the folders as necessary.
  • Collecting the sport rolls and entering the data into Sentral.
  • Signing students in/out as flexible upon arrival or when leaving.
  • Signing out early leavers when the Head Teacher Administrations are unavailable.

Deputy Principals are responsible for

  • Liaising with Year Advisers, Head Teacher Wellbeing, Head Teacher KLAs and Head Teacher Administration.
  • Dealing with incidents of repeated truancy. Counsel student, contact parents and issue an after school detention.
  • Ensuring parents and students are aware of the consequences of repeated truancy such as short suspension from school.
  • Ensuring in the event of a student of post-compulsory age being suspended for truancy they will also receive a warning letter regarding possible expulsion from school.
  • Conducting ‘spot checks’ of year groups as required.
  • Following up on students with continual lateness.

Principals are responsible for

  • Ensuring staff and students adhere to the Homebush Boys High School attendance policy.
  • Approval of extended leave for extenuating circumstances.
  • Liaising with the Head Teacher Administrations in relation to all attendance concerns.