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Information technology at Homebush Boys

Homebush Boys is a technology oriented school. We are very proud of the resources we make available to the staff, students and community to make sure your son has the best learning experience possible.  Great technology doesn't stand out, instead it fades into the background letting the learning experience take center stage.

Learn more about our:

HBHS technology policy

A unified policy to govern technology use at Homebush Boys High School.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Allowing students to use technology where it naturally suits them.

Classroom technology

Which is more than just smartboards.

Computer Labs

That are well maintained and packed with latest software.

Digital Education Revoultion (DER)-NSW

The NSW Government One to One Laptop Program (2009-2013).

Mobile App

Homebush Boys on your Smart Phone.

Web presence/online learning environment

Giving you access no matter where you are.