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Technological and applied studies

Technological and applied studies (TAS) is mandatory for all students in Year 7 and 8. Students can also select from a range of elective TAS subjects.

In TAS, students develop knowledge, understanding and skills through a design and production process using a range of tools, materials and techniques in theory and practical lessons.

The continuum of technology learning is:

  • mandated from Kindergarten to Year 8 through Science and Technology K-6 and Technology Mandatory Years 7-8 syllabuses
  • based on students becoming increasingly sophisticated in their ability to apply knowledge, skills and understanding to design and produce solutions
  • optional for student specialisation in high school through a range of syllabuses addressing particular technologies and aspects of design.

Available courses include:

  • Technology Mandatory Years 7-8
  • Agricultural Technology Years 7-10
  • Design and Technology Years 7-10
  • Food Technology Years 7-10
  • Graphics Technology Years 7-10
  • Industrial Technology Years 7-10
  • Information and Software Technology Years 7-10
  • Textiles Technology Years 7-10
  • Agriculture Stage 6
  • Design and Technology Stage 6
  • Engineering Studies Stage 6
  • Food Technology Stage 6
  • Industrial Technology Stage 6
  • Information Processes and Technology Stage 6
  • Software Design and Development Stage 6
  • Textiles and Design Stage 6.

About the Faculty

Our faculty consists of a team of dedicated and well-qualified teachers who have decades of experience and are always willing and ready to help. Most of the teachers in the TAS faculty can be found in the TAS staffroom during recess or lunch. Additionally, our teachers who teach Hospitality, Cookery and Food Technology, Ms Houvardas, Ms Bolbol and Mr Saber can be found in Rooms 59, 66 and 67, respectively. Here is a list of teachers who are currently a part of the TAS faculty:

  • S. Jesu (Head of Faculty, Rel.)
  • A. Abbou 
  • A. Arundavaraja
  • M. Bolbol
  • A. Houvardas
  • A. Hryce
  • N. Madakasira
  • G. Saber
  • R. Singh

Subject at TAS

TAS is a unique faculty which offers a wide range of courses from Food Technology, Timber Technology, Engineering Studies, and Electronics to name a few. Most of the courses offer plenty of opportunities for practical, hands-on activities which make TAS courses very stimulating, challenging and rewarding. Here is a list of courses currently taught at the TAS faculty:

TAS Subjects currently taught

Year of study Subject
7 - 8 Technology (mandatory)
9 - 10 Food Technology
9 Industrial Technology (Electronics)
10 Industrial Technology (Timber, Electronics)
9 Computing Studies
10 Information and Software Technology
11 VET Cookery
12 VET Hospitality
11 - 12 Engineering Studies
12 Industrial Technology Timber and Furniture Industries
11 - 12 Industrial Technology Electronics
11 Enterprise Computing
12 Software Engineering
12 Information Process and Technology
12 Software Design and Development

Facilities at TAS

In terms of facilities, the TAS faculty is well-equipped with industry standard kitchens and workshops. We have 3 kitchens which are fully fitted with industry standard cooking appliances, stoves, and refrigerators. Our timber workshop and electronics classrooms are also fully equipped with industry standard tools and equipment. Our computer labs boast cutting-edge technology products from code-controlled drones and robots. Here are a few pictures of the kitchens and workshops at TAS. 

Learning at TAS

From a learning point of view, we at TAS, know very well that everyone learns differently. Learning styles can vary from person to person, from visual, to aural, verbal, physical or logical learning styles. But there is one type of learning that benefits most students, and that is practical learning. TAS is a unique faculty with courses which offer plenty of opportunities for practical learning. Practical learning allows students to learn quick adaptations needed for daily challenges and scenarios and allows them to get a better understanding of the course topic. I hope all our students are making the most of the practical opportunities that are presented to them. Here is a showcase of some of our students participating in various activities during the course of their lessons in the TAS faculty, along with some of our TAS teachers guiding them.


Safety at TAS

At TAS we take the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff very seriously. As such, whenever there is a practical activity scheduled, which happens quite frequently, students are required to wear covered leather shoes. This is a non-negotiable safety requirement, and our staff enforce it strictly. If your son/s is not wearing leather shoes on the day they have a practical activity in one of their TAS subjects, they will not be allowed to participate in the practical activity. Hence, we urge you to ensure that your son checks his timetable every evening and come prepared if there is a practical activity scheduled for the next day. Keep in mind that other TAS subjects such as Food Technology or Hospitality may also require your son to wear an apron or a full chef uniform, failing which, they will not be allowed to participate in the cooking activity. We request your kind cooperation in ensuring that your son remains safe at school.