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2013 Students Representative Council



  • Yusuf Ali - Year 8
  • Mohammed Elakhras - Year 8
  • Nicholas Ngo - Year 8
  • Ibrahim Taha - Year 8
  • Seraphim Cherniakoff - Year 9
  • Hassan Khademi - Year 9
  • Anath Kumaralingam - Year 9
  • Adam Yoon - Year 9
  • Alpay Keskin - Year 10
  • Zhi Yuan Freema Lin - Year 10
  • Craig Miller - Year 10
  • Adam Saker - Year 10
  • Austin Heesh - Year 11
  • Liam Heron - Year 11
  • Deren Mehmet - Year 11
  • Ainkaran Thomas Sritharan - Year 11
  • Hassan Faour - Year 12
  • Sai Keong Ng - Year 12
  • Tamer Soufy - Year 12
  • Kokulen Subramaniam - Year 12

Reflections as my year as President comes to an end

Being SRC president for 2013 has been a joyful experience; working with 25 young positive leaders exemplifies the positive future that the school has. From organizing something as little as a mufti day fundraiser for a worthy cause, to putting together a magical multicultural day. Working with the team and with the wonderful guidance of our teachers Mrs Altundag and Mrs Kumaralingham has opened my eyes to see that school and leadership within the school is an honourable thing and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

 As SRC president I felt as though it was my duty to show the leadership qualities I have and also portray the student’s qualities. Every student had shown why they are a member of the SRC through their hard work, dedication and most of all teamwork when working together to get something done.

The Experience that Homebush Boys has given me is an unforgettable one and will always be close to me. It was a privilege being a “bushy boy” and a bigger privilege being an active SRC member since I was in year 8. Capping off high school with the badge of president is more than anyone could dream, and I was lucky enough to have that. A wonderful school led by wonderful people, the Prefects, Captains and the SRC.

Ayman Hill
2013 Homebush Boys High School SRC President