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Homebush Boys High School in conjuction with Sentral have recently developed a Free School App which can be downloaded for both iOS & Android. 



Cost: $0

To use the Sentral for Parents app, parents must first register through Sentral Parent Portal. Once registered you will receive a confirmation email that will request for the account to be verified. Once verified, you may use the Sentral for Parents app.

To link your parent portal to a student account you will need to enter your access key into Sentral Parent Portal under the "My Access" tab. If you have not received an access key, please contact Homebush Boys High School to request one.

Once you have linked the access key to your account, it is important to then allow the Sentral for Parents app access by selecting "Click to Configure App Access" under the "My Access" tab. Then select "Setup App Access" and finally enter your Sentral for Parents app password.

Sentral for Parents features:

1) Better Informed: Receive push notifications about everything that’s important for your child.

2) Information at your fingertips: Information that’s most relevant and needs your attention appears clearly on your mobile device.

3) Communicate easily: With our instant messaging feature, have conversations with the school staff and get the feedback you want.

4) Instant Payments: Pay for excursions, ​school fees and so much more. Right away with your credit card and record / track your bills.

5) Track homework: Know exactly what your child needs to complete at home.

6) Permit Instantly: No more notices to sign or papers given to your child for carrying back. Approve instantly on your parent app.