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Recte et Fortiter means Upright and Strong

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NSW Combined High Schools Representatives

The Honour Board to record the success of Homebush Boys students at state level was donated to the school by the Year 12 students of 1982. Should students who represented New South Wales prior to 1980 wish to have their name and sport that they represented included on this website please contact the school.

1980 M. Luidmanis Water Polo
1981 S. Heslop Water Polo
1981-2 C. Hoy Volleyball
1982 P. Kleckin Basketball
1982 C. Meyer Basketball
1982 M. Futcher Tennis
1982-3 S. Gilbert Water Polo
1983 S. Tikkanen Water Polo
1983 S. Czinner Rugby
1983 S. Czinner Basketball
1983-4 S. Smith Water Polo
1983-4 A. Simos Volleyball
1985 J. Ibrahim Rugby
1985-86 M. Thomson Water Polo
1986 L. Wilson Water Polo
1986 A. Anderson Water Polo
1986 T.C. Pho Volleyball
1986-87 Y. Chernenko Volleyball
1987 G. Granger Baseball
1987 M. Bae Volleyball
1987 J. Watson Volleyball
1987-88 W. Thomson Water Polo
1988 P. Tuulakitau Rugby
1989 S. Tuipulotu Rugby
1990 F. Finau Rugby
1990-91 J. Guinnane Water Polo
1991 P. Bell Water Polo
1992 G. Aldridge Rugby
1992-93 M. Baker Water Polo
1992-93 D.Droughton Water Polo
1992-93 C. Bolt Water Polo
1993 G. King Water Polo
1994 T. Racklyeft Water Polo
1994-95 A. Bolt Water Polo
1994-95 P. Soros Water Polo
1996 C.Westerweller Water Polo
1996 A. Dekker Water Polo
1996 B. Norris Water Polo
1996-7 T. Gilbert Water Polo
1997 G. Churton Water Polo
1997-9 M.Gilbert Water Polo
1999 T.Hikila Rugby
2000-1 K.Massey Rugby
2001 C. Kaulauta Rugby
2001 R. Blake Rugby
2003 P. Havea Rugby
2003 X. Wang Table Tennis
2003 D.Mapapalangi Rugby
2005-7 R.Rafael Swimming
2005 X.Wang Table Tennis
2005 M.Robson Table Tennis
2005 S.Rathore Athletics
2005-7 J.Sherson Athletics
2005 W.Parker Sailing
2006-7 J.Sherson Cross Country
2006-7  B.Costa Baseball
2007-9 A.Patrulescu Swimming
2007 J.Hilliard Rugby
2007 A.Imer Rugby
2007-8  C.Martin Water Polo
2008 D. Paterson Cricket
2008-9 M. Hay Water Polo
2008 B. Parker Water Polo
2008 N. Sorrenti Water Polo
2009 B.Watkinson Water Polo
2010 N. Taylor Water Polo
2010 M.Davidson Football
2010 P.Carter Rugby League
2011 A.Depta Football