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Supporting minimum literacy/numeracy standards

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Students now need to achieve minimum literacy and numeracy standards in order to gain a Higher School Certificate. The standards are in reading, writing and numeracy, and the first chance students have to show them will be in Year 10. From Year 10, students will have four chances each year to sit for on-line tests in reading, writing and numeracy. The tests will be done at school, under supervision. Once students have achieved the minimum standard in a particular area, they don’t have to take that test again.

Students who don’t achieve the minimum standards will still be allowed to move to Year 11 and 12, and can still sit for their HSC. But, at the end of Year 12, they will receive a Record of Achievement, not the Higher School Certificate. Even though Year 9 NAPLAN can no longer be used to gain minimum standards, it is still a very good guide. And the standard is still about Band 7 in each of reading, writing and numeracy. Even before the minimum standards were introduced, this school had a strong focus on literacy and numeracy – and this is now being strengthened. The full program is summarised on the school website.

Parents often want to know – what can we do? Well, here’s a few tips:

  • Check that your son’s half-yearly and yearly reports show maximum effort;
  • Respond to every school query about his progress;
  • Encourage him to attend Homework Help, run each Monday and Tuesday, for an hour after school in the school library; and
  • Strongly encourage him to do the weekly online literacy/numeracy homework exercises, which run during Terms 3 and 4, Year 8, and to the end of Term 1, Year 9.

As well, your son will be receiving a literacy/numeracy Handbook which summarises all the main areas of literacy and numeracy. He will be taken through this book, then should keep it in a safe place, at home, for future reference.

If any parents have any queries, please contact Mr Bawden at the school (Phone 02 9764 3611, Tuesday and Thursday).

For more information regarding literacy and numeracy visit HBHS Literacy and Numeracy