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Web presence

iMac, iPad and iPhone

The Homebush Boys web presence is divided into two sections:

Our website

The website is an important means for us to get information to parents and the greater community.  On this website you can find a lot of information including:

  • Latest news on what is happening at the school.
  • Important contacts such as the front office and Year Advisers
  • Upcoming events in our calendar
  • Various policies
  • Canteen price lists
  • Much more

We're constantly adding to and updating the website so check back regularly.


Our online learning environment

Homebush Boys embraced on-line learning early on and now has the experience and expertise to put these tools to great effect to make sure your son get's the most out of their learning time both in and outside of school.  We realise that a well maintained on-line learning environment is not a separate tool to deliver material and homework to students but can be an integral part of the entire learning experience, supporting and enhancing many of the activities your son engages in.  This is especially so after the DER project and now BYOD are dramatically increasing access to technology for students.

Our on-line learning environment is used by all faculties across all subjects taught at the school.

At Homebush Boys we use our on-line learning environment to:

  • Offer students easy access to a lot of the material they need for their classwork
  • Encourage students to collaborate through forums, chat sessions, surveys and games
  • Encourage students to create and share material for the benefit of all through wikis.
  • Allow students to track their progress through coursework by way of quizzes.
  • Much more...

Every student has an account and has access to the system.

If you're son needs help accessing the system they should see the Library (either before school, recess or lunch) and they can get the problem sorted out.  For help getting involved in on-line activities your son should ask his class teachers for help.