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Bring your own device

What is BYOD Initiative?

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. Homebush Boys High School started this initiative to continue the one to one student-laptop Digital Education Revolution (DER) program which was started by the Australian Government in 2007. BYOD refers to the policy for permitting students to bring their own devices (laptops/tablets) to school, and to use those devices to access the DEC wireless network and other school resources.

How does it work?

Students and parents have the freedom to purchase any device so long as it meets the schools Device Requirements Document. Prior to students using their devices at school they must have read/understood and submitted a copy of the BYOD Student Agreement with their signature and their parents/caregivers signature. 

  • BYOD Student Agreement - Will need to be signed and returned back to the school.
  • BYOD Policy - Please review the BYOD Policy Statements surrounding the BYOD Initiative.
  • BYOD Requirements - Please review the BYOD Requirements before purchasing any device for your son.