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Moodle literacy and numeracy

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What is Moodle?

Moodle is an online platform for the setting and completing of work by students, in their own time. At HBHS, this program has been set up to provide literacy and numeracy support for students, and is complemented by after-school Homework Help classes on two afternoons (Monday and Tuesday), for one hour after school, in the library. Year 8 students have been logged in to Moodle at school.  To access this support, they will need a computer/laptop connected to the internet at home; or, they can use library computers during Homework Help. A teacher will be present at Homework Help, to provide assistance and to record student attendance. In addition, all students have been given Moodle log-on instructions.

What it is not

Moodle literacy and numeracy support does not replace instruction in the classroom, and is in addition to normal homework. Students are advised to pay close attention to what they are taught in class, and to seek help from their classroom teachers, as needed. Work placed on Moodle is designed to give extra practice in literacy/numeracy skills which should already have been covered in class at some point, and which are vital for credentialing, further education and life beyond school.

How it works

Each Monday during Term, new literacy/numeracy exercises will be placed on Moodle.  Deadline for the completion of this work will be the following Sunday evening. Then, all work for the week will be checked, and correct answers posted, with some explanations, as well as exercises for the next week. All students will be given feedback on completed work in the form of a comment and grade, as follows;

Grade Meaning
4 Based on work completed, student is substantially competent in the skills areas.
3 Based on work completed, student has shown a level of competence in most areas, but not some.
2 Based on work completed, student has not yet shown competence in a number of areas.
1 Significant amount of work not completed, or not understood.

Irrespective of the grade allocated, students should carefully check all completed work against the posted answers, and assistance sought, where needed, at Homework Help sessions. The Homework Help teacher will have access to all work posted on Moodle, and can help students individually. Completion of weekly Moodle work will require about one hour per week of student time – half of this time for the completion of new work, and the rest to check answers for the previous week’s work.

Note that the grades allocated are internal school grades only, and are not necessarily predictors of NAPLAN or Minimum Standard Test performance. Nevertheless, over time, student confidence and literacy/numeracy performance should increase, if the exercises are persisted with, and diligence shown in all timetabled classes.

What records will be kept?

Centralised school records will be kept of students’ involvement in both Moodle and Homework Help, and parents will be informed periodically of their sons’ participation and progress. Records will include grades allocated for completed Moodle work. The school may also use these records as a basis for referral of students to the Learning and Support team, if it is felt that individual students are in need of further assistance.

Why should students be involved?

In addition to a number of other literacy/numeracy support programs and emphases within the school, Moodle is a form of self-help which should prove invaluable to students who take advantage of it.  Participation is highly recommended, particularly in view of the new HSC rules about minimum literacy/numeracy standards. Parents are urged to encourage their sons’ involvement, as much as possible.

Any enquiries about Moodle or Homework Help should be directed to Mr Bawden, at the school (Phone 02 9764 3611, Tuesday/Thursday)