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Recte et Fortiter means Upright and Strong

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Why Attendance Matter

Regular attendance at school is essential for our students to achieve quality life outcomes. Schools, in partnership with parents, are responsible for promoting the regular attendance of students.

Education for your child is important and regular attendance at school is essential for your child to achieve their educational best and increase their career and life options. HBHS work in partnership with parents to encourage and support regular attendance of children. When your child attends school every day, learning becomes easier, and your child will build and maintain friendships with other children.

The Importance of arriving on time to school and class are that it:

¨      ensures that students do not miss out on important learning activities scheduled early in the day.

¨      helps students learn the importance of punctuality and routine.

¨      give students time to greet their friends before class.

¨      reduces classroom disruption.